Edcamp Urban is an unconference that is educator-driven and educator-led. You decide what's going to happen on the day of.


Attendees gather together, have discussions, share their resources, and give each other ideas about things that they do in their classrooms.


There have been 200 national Edcamps over the last two years and is a powerful learning format that works.


On the day of Edcamp Urban, there is a blank session-board where attendees gather around and write on cards what ideas they have for sessions they'd like to see happen and discussions they would like to be involved in.

Edcamp Urban: organic, participant-driven, professional development - a guaranteed amazing learning experience.



  • Connect with like-minded individuals
  • Collaborate ideas
  • Brainstorm solutions to
    common education problems
  • Engage in group discussions
  • Receive information that can immediately be applied in the classroom.

There is a vibrant reflection

of a passion for learning

in all educators that

participate in an Edcamp.


Professional Development is handed to you. The sessions are created from your needs and what you want to discuss. And if it's not what you wanted to know, then you can go to another session [room] and learn about something you want to know. You have the freedom to choose which session you would like to attend.


Professional Development - on your level and allows your input to be included in designing the sessions. The attendees are intrinsically motivated to learn more and want to do more with their learning experience.

Edcamps vs. Traditional Conferences

Example of an EdCamp Schedule/Session Board

How Does the Schedule / Session Board Work?

When you show up to EdCamp, there will be an empty session board... waiting to be filled out by YOU!

Attendees can write their name and topic on an index card and either:


  • Tape it to the schedule board during an available time slot.
  • Put it on a table, allowing other attendees to vote on
    their favorite topics.

    Once the votes are tallied up, all of the most popular sessions
    will be taped to the schedule board.


You can use a PINK index card for a session you would like to facilitate.

You can use a GREEN index card for a topic you are interested in

You can use an ORANGE index card for a tool / resource you would be wiling to demo for attendees



Session Topics:


There are no rules – you decide what you want to learn for the day.


Session topics range from new teacher tips, basic teaching practices, and classroom management to blended learning, digital projects, and the latest cool webtools. The possibilities are endless!



Vote with Your Feet:


Throughout the day, you get to decide which sessions to attend.


If a session doesn’t meet your needs, it’s perfectly acceptable to get up and move to another room.





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